Valpel was set up at the beginning of the '80s and today its main specialisation is the manufacture rigorously vegetable hides, suitable for the production of leather belts, bags, suitcases and high-quality albums. we purchase directly our raw materials from the best french abattoirs.

In fact our factory purchases the whole, hides, sections and transforms them in their single parts. hense we are able to offer shoulders, backs and flanks at the same time and to allow our customers to choose their preferred articles made of the most suitable hides according to their needs.
We are also able to offer many kinds of thickness - from 1 to 5 mm.

  Even though this is a family business, our factory is export-oriented. actually 90% of our production is exported in europed and asia.

  Our vegetable tanning gives the hides a particular living aspect, which does not change with the passing of time, conversely our hides become more and more natural with the passing of time. the gradations of colour, smell and the transparent grains give our hides an unmistakable characteristic which does not change with time.
Our production is based mainly on oiled shoulders and backs for belts. in this sector we are very competitive both in quality and price. in facts our customers have appreciated our high quality and competitive prices for years, and in the present jungle of shifting prices this is an outstanding characteristic.